Photo shoot in FAERIE (by Prince’s former photographer) and fairy-tale jewelry! :D

So! I’ve got two beautiful things to share with you today. First up, not only will I have an article in the summer 2017 issue of Faerie magazine (this one about four mythical beings from Hindu and Buddhist lore), but I actually got to model as a mermaid for Alice Hoffman‘s latest story!!!!! I’m over the moon. And Steve Parke, who did the photo shoot, used to be Prince’s photographer. Yes, that Prince of all things purple. I can’t wait, and here’s a sneak peek! (You’ll be able to get the paper and/or PDF version in June.)

This means so much to me, as someone who in her teens used to think she was ugly and worthless. If you’ve read either my essay on the topic or my story “Krishna Blue” in Kaleidoscope, you might understand. (The bullying in “Krishna Blue” was taken from my own life–though sadly I didn’t get to eat colors as a result. That would have been fabulous.) You should definitely know by now, though, how much true inclusivity means to me, and Faerie has been working very hard to make that part of its foundation–magic is for everyone. So to get to represent that on the page both in word and image . . . my heart is overflowing.

My second piece of wonderful news is that my amazing jeweler friend Meenoo Mishra of Minou Bazaar decided to make a fairy-tale collection after taking the Carterhaugh School’s long course on the fairy tale, and she included pieces based on my retelling of Tatterhood called “Lavanya and Deepika”! (I’m so happy this story has resonated for so many people.) How gorgeous; I’m absolutely treating myself to the Lavanya set, though I’d delightedly wear Deepika, too. Check out the entire collection in her Etsy shop; it’s stunning.




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