Welcome to the Hanging Garden!

I’m delighted to announce I’m part of the fantastic 2017 lineup of writers for the Hanging Garden stories Tumblr. We’ll be writing to prompts and GIFs, and I’m excited about the challenge (as well as the deadlines!). I hope you’ll join us for the fun.

About the Garden:

In brief: 8 authors writing short fiction inspired by GIFs.

In not-so-brief: we, the ladies of The Hanging Garden, debuted as YA authors in 2014. At the time, we signed a one-year contract (metaphorically speaking) to write several short stories over the course of said debut year, pair them with GIFs, and post them here. That year has come and gone, but the Hanging Garden remains, filling with experimental short fiction every week.

Fresh GIFtion posts every Monday. We’d dig it if you joined us. Here and/or on Twitter (@THGstories).

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