Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Moon (the finished scroll story)!

So after a lot of hard work, the scroll stories have been finished and mailed out in the Sihaya and Company autumnal quarterly box. (Lisa Gill, art director of Faerie magazine, arranged my words in a gorgeous layout, and I painted, glued, repainted, reglued, and otherwise assembled. And then did emergency dowel cap paint repair.) I’m incredibly proud of the result and thought you might like to see how they turned out, both story-wise and as objects, so here you go! Notice they’re appropriately illuminated by my new moon lamp and ringed by my blue pumpkin collection. (The speckled one in the center is a gift from my dear friend and fellow authoress Cindy Pon, whose husband made it.)


(Also pictured are the other contents of the box: tea, sugar skulls, a scented candle, perfume oil, soap, eye shadow, and a enamel bat pin.)


(“Autumn Jewels” is a flash story about autumn leaves, stories, witchy creatures from Hindu lore, and moons.)


(A close-up of Lisa’s gorgeous graphic design work. I adore it.)


(The completed scrolls ready to be sent out to Sihaya and Company.)


(My scroll hanging on the side of a pink-and-purple-and-turquoise bookcase in my dreaming room.)

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